What are Nearby Notifications

Nearby helps you find and interact with services and devices close to you, approximately within 30 m or 100 ft. BLE Beacons are deployed next to these services or devices for enagaging nearby customers by sending contextual notifications. For Android devices, locating Nearby beacons is a functionality emebedded in Google Play services, this had made it possible to deliver proximity content to users without the need to build or maintain native apps. However, nearby notifications are silent, disappear automatically, and show below your other notifications. This platform offered by Google, fulfills a wide range of proximity marketing requirements like -

  • Drive customers to your social media pages
  • Deliver promotional content in form of images, videos, audio etc
  • Deliver product manuals, brochures, flyers
  • Drive checkins, reviews, registrations
Key Criteria for receiving Nearby Notifications -
  • Active internet connection on your mobile device
  • Bluetooth (Low Energy) must be turned on
  • Location must be turned on
  • Nearby Notifications should be turned on

For further details on using Nearby to interact with your surroundings, refer here



Google Nearby

Nearby Notifications for Proximity Marketing

Nearby Notifications provide following experiences for users -

  • Advertise a HTTPS URL

    A URL will be delivered on the user's phone, once the user clicks the URL, he will be redirected to the website

  • Trigger an app intent

    With this notification, an already installed app can be launched on the user's device OR If the app is not installed, the user will be redirected to the Play Store for app installation

Neither of the above experience requires that an app is installed on the user's device.

For a complete guide on how to setup your proximity marketing campaign with Nearby Notifications, refer our guide Nearby Notifications Campaign


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